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Landmark Victory for Infinity

The 2016 general elections in Taiwan was a landmark event in more ways than one. First, it saw the country’s first female President being elected. Second, this historic occasion was recorded for perpetuity in stunning 4K via Taiwan’s first ever 4K OB van.

Landmark Victory for Infinity

PST brought in their technical engineers from HQ and even provided technical training for the Infinity crew. This helped tremendously in shortening our learning curve for 4K. - Lin Jiawei, Vice President, Infinity Multimedia Production

Owned and operated by Infinity Multimedia Production, an independent production house specialising in providing services to TV stations as well as event companies and corporate customers, the 4K OB van heralds a new era in broadcasting for Taiwan. It is also a sterling endorsement of the deep collaboration between Infinity Multimedia Production and Sony.

Infinity gave the green light for the 4K OB van in May 2015. That provided a very short window for the Infinity crew to design and equip a 4K OB van, much less train its crew to handle the high-tech equipment on board. Plus there were the test trials to consider before 4K can be implemented.

Drawing on Sony’s proven experience in designing and outfitting OB vans for broadcasters, professional AV and corporate content creators around the world, Professional Solutions Taiwan (PST) worked closely with Infinity to understand their diverse production needs to deliver a future-forward solution in record time. 

Explains Lin Jiawei, Vice President, at Infinity Multimedia Production on the decision to bring in PST: “Working with the PST specialists right from the design stage really paid off.”

“PST brought in their technical engineers from HQ and even provided technical training for the Infinity crew. This helped tremendously in shortening our learning curve for 4K.” 

Adds Kao Chengnan, Head of Content Creation Sales & Marketing Department at Professional Solutions Taiwan; “Infinity’s first ever 4K OB van truly underscores Sony’s commitment to understand the needs of our clients and deliver not just high quality products, but superior consultancy and training support too.”

The Sony MVS-7000X in action at Infinity's 4K OB Van.
The high-end switcher is available for SD, HD or 3G production.

A firm believer in embracing pioneer technology, Infinity has consistently invested in the latest video-imaging products. It was convinced that Taiwan’s competitive TV landscape as well as its multi-million dollar concert and live events industry provided plenty of opportunities for it to offer 4K services to its clients.

Infinity pulled out all the stops to ensure exceptional 4K output throughout its workflow for its OB van. It chose a wide array of top-notch Sony products such as the MVS-7000X 4K Switcher, PWS-4400 4K/HD Multi-port AV storage unit and BVM-X300 4K Trimaster EL™ OLED Monitor. 

Taking centre stage was the PMW-F55 CineAlta™ 4K HD camera. Dubbed the cinematographer’s dream camera, the F55 delivers gorgeous, super-sampled HD, 2K and 4K images.

Says Lin: “To bring out the best in the F55, we teamed it up with the CA4000 camera adaptor. Together they provide a wider dynamic range, colour gamut, high sensitivity and high-speed recording. Features that are vital for us to push our creative vision, especially for concerts and live events.”

Another critical aspect for Infinity when it came to selecting its 4K partner was the XAVC™ recording format. Created by Sony, this dedicated 4K format is the engine that delivers spectacular images. Remarks Lin: “We found XAVC™ to be an efficient compression format. Although the file size is far larger than HD MPEG GOP 50Mbps, it produces significant improvements in picture quality, especially with the relatively large capacity of the 4K images.”

Concludes Lin on the selection of Sony 4K product technology for its OB van: “We chose Sony for its high continuity system. Our crew finds it easy to use Sony equipment and we don’t have to worry about system compatibility.”

With its 4K success at the general elections, Infinity has once again reaffirmed its pedigree, and is looking forward to continue delivering high quality content to its clients across Taiwan.