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A&T Gears Up for the Future

A&T invested in the Sony PMW-F55 which supports 4K, HD and 2K

A&T Gears Up for the Future

"We have to think two steps ahead of the competition. Although 4K is relatively new to this part of the region, we knew it would take off."
Nick Koh
Operations Manager, A&T

Singapore is fast establishing itself as a regional hub for media and entertainment-related initiatives. A vibrant pro-business environment, rising demand for multi-platform creative content, and increased activities in the creation, management and distribution of content have helped put Singapore in the limelight.

With the production scene in Singapore going through an exciting phase, many new companies have sprouted up supporting companies and agencies handling TV commercials, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos, broadcast stations and independent feature film directors.

One of the pioneers in Singapore that offers a full range of production support services is A&T Audio Visual Pte Ltd.

Established in 1990, A&T started out by providing tape duplication and standards conversion services but quickly expanded its repertoire of services including 4K, Full HD and standard cameras, switchers, monitors and other support accessories like viewfinders, lenses and tripods among others.

In the last two decades, A&T has also rapidly expanded its range of clients, both in Singapore as well as from around the region. When Hi-5, a popular Australian children’s TV show filmed a season in Singapore, A&T provided studio cameras and support for the entire production.

A recent project by A&T is the Lightseeker TV commercial, which was produced for the sci-fi fantasy musical currently playing at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

Singapore is well positioned as a regional hub for the media and entertainment industry

With a varied client base, one of the challenges faced by A&T is the kind of equipment that clients often request. Explains Nick Koh, Operations Manager at A&T, “It’s all about giving clients what they need to make their production a success.” 

Although A&T carries many of the famous names in broadcast equipment, it has amassed a big inventory of Sony products including the highly regarded Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K camera and the Sony HXC-100 among others. Adds Nick, “Sony helps us stay ahead with its advanced technology. “An increasing number of clients book the F55 for its spectacular image quality regardless of whether you shoot in 4K, HD or 2K. Its vast choice of formats also means our clients enjoy a seamless workflow.” 

The F55 has very quickly become one of the most sought-after 4K camera systems in the market. Engineered to reward its owners now and far into the future, the PMW-F55 has everything a cinematographer would ask for: breakthrough image sensors that incorporate a remarkable electronic frame image scan, superb dynamic range, the widest color gamut and pristine image quality whether you shoot in HD, 2K or 4K. Plus with the optional AXS-R5 recorder, you can even make the jump to incredibly precise 16-bit Linear RAW in both 2K and 4K. 

Says Nick, “We have to think two steps ahead of the competition. Although 4K is relatively new to this part of the region, we knew it would take off. Judging from the demand for the F55 we are on the right track.”

Another innovative aspect of production technology that has helped A&T expand range of services is file-based production. 

Adds Nick, “File-based production has made productions more mobile and versatile. A studio these days can be anywhere you want it to be. To support our clients we have added Sony live production switchers, Sony OLED monitors and other peripheral equipment. We have everything you need to set up a mobile studio, anywhere, anytime.” 

When choosing its equipment a key consideration for A&T is the build quality. Adds Nick, “You will be surprised at what our products go through. When we choose a product, we look at many factors - features, size and quality are all vital attributes.”

 With A&T’s reputation as a quality provider of production equipment growing across Singapore and the region, A&T is adding more innovative equipment to its already impressive arsenal of products. 

Concludes Nick, “Our Sony products are literally flying off the shelves. They have undoubtedly helped us grow and strengthened the relationship with both our long-term and new clients. We are confident that with Sony as our partner, A&T can navigate the future with confidence.”