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Discover what real Home Cinema looks like in true 4K

Before buying a new Home Cinema projector, be sure you know exactly what you’re getting. The same SXRD panel technology found in our professional cinema projectors lets you enjoy true 4K images at home – with uncompromised detail, colour and contrast.

Discover what real Home Cinema looks like in true 4K

Be true to your image

Left: Conventional SXRD™, Right: Latest SXRD™

Once you’ve settled down for an evening of amazing home entertainment in true 4K, there’s no looking back.

But before investing in a brand new projector for your home cinema or living room, be sure you know exactly what’s inside.

Every Sony SXRD Home Cinema Projector – from the feature-packed VPL-VW260ES to the awe-inspiring VPL-VW760ES – delivers true 4K images with a native resolution of 4096 x 2160. That’s over 8 million separate pixels, giving four times the detail of Full HD.

While some other projectors are advertised as being ‘4K capable’ or ‘4K ready’, they actually use lower-resolution 2K panels. The original 4K signal is first downconverted to much lower HD resolution before being fed to each HD image panel. Then, before it reaches the projector lens, the image’s apparent resolution is boosted using so-called pixel shift technology. Partial frames from the lower resolution panels are minutely displaced by a rapidly-moving shifting device. These partial frames are projected in quick succession, building up an on-screen image with a 4K pixel count.

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Uncompromising picture quality

Native 4K Panel (8.8 million pixels)

Ultimately, it’s the quality of any projector’s entire optical system that determines just how good those pictures look when they’re projected on screen. And there are no such compromises with the advanced SXRD panels inside Sony’s 4K Home Cinema projectors.

Approved for full-scale theatrical presentation in cinemas, this SXRD panel uses the same technology you’ll find in our professional 4K cinema projectors. Unlike ordinary LCD projectors, each of the three separate red, green and blue panels are reflective rather than transmissive.

That means that light inside the projector bounces off each panel, rather than passing through it before reaching the lens. This results in superb 4K images with an excellent native contrast ratio. And it also avoids the undesirable ‘screen door’ effect that’s looks like a mesh of fine lines between each separate pixel. It’s a common issue with the LCD panels used in ordinary data/business projectors – and you won’t see it with SXRD.

Don’t compromise on the best pictures

At Sony we don’t cut corners with our Home Cinema projectors. And every 4K SXRD projector in our range delivers exactly what it promises: true 4K Ultra HD images, bursting with rich detail, colour and contrast for a spectacular entertainment experience.

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