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Omniplex Cinemas install eight 4K projection systems

Ireland’s leading cinema chain Omniplex is treating audiences at its newest multiplex to the ultimate movie-going experience – thanks to the unmatched clarity of 4K projection by Sony Digital Cinema.

Omniplex Cinemas install eight 4K projection systems

Better pictures make clear business sense

The spectacular picture quality and low ownership costs of Sony Digital Cinema 4K make compelling business sense for Ireland’s leading cinema chain.

Audiences at Omniplex Cinema Group’s new Banbridge multiplex in County Down, Northern Ireland are being treated to the ultimate movie-going experience that only Sony 4K provides.

Omniplex operates over 200 screens across major cities and towns in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The group’s newly-opened Banbridge site features eight state-of the-art screens, all equipped with Sony 4K projection systems.

Delivering jaw-dropping visuals at a fraction of the cost of first-generation laser illuminated systems, Sony’s high-brightness SRX-R515DS dual projection system powers the largest OmniplexMAXX Premium Large Format (PLF) screen. 

Spectacular detail, colour and contrast in other screens are assured by five SRX-R510P projectors and two SRX-R515P projectors.


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Spectacular pictures, low running costs

All projectors feature Sony’s energy-efficient HPM multi-lamp technology that assures spectacular picture quality with easy maintenance and low running costs. Also featured at Banbridge are Sony Digital Cinema 3D systems that offer uniquely smooth, easy-on-the eye images, with continuous projection of separate left/right eye images.

The 4K systems have been supplied to Omniplex by exhibition services specialist CinemaNext, with installation and technical support by Dublin-based Sony Specialist partner GFD Communications.

Blown away by Sony 4K

“We’ve been big advocates of 4K projection for a long time”, says Paul John Anderson, Operations Director Northern Ireland at Omniplex Cinema Group. “But when we saw the pictures from Sony’s HPM-powered projectors up on screen for the first time we were quite simply blown away. It was a pretty simple business decision for us – especially when you factor the advanced lamp technology, leading to lower long term cost of ownership.”

Omniplex Cinemas’ decision to standardize on Sony 4K at its Banbridge site was prompted by the Group’s recent acquisition of the 6-screen Global multiplex in Dungannon. The picture quality and low ownership costs of the Sony SRX-R515P projectors ‘inherited’ at Dungannon supported Omniplex’s choice of Sony 4K for all its new Banbridge screens.

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