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4K HDR takes Home Cinema closer to reality

Our latest 4K Home Cinema projectors bring movie entertainment to life as you’ve never seen it before. With higher contrast, more detail and richer colours, High Dynamic Range by Sony adds more excitement and emotion to your favourite entertainment – just as the director intended.

4K HDR takes Home Cinema closer to reality

Bringing you more immersive entertainment

High Dynamic Range (HDR) means more expressive, true-to-life images utilising a bigger range of brightness levels. And that means even more high-impact Home Cinema entertainment – with spectacular contrast for brighter highlights with richer colours, deep blacks and shadow details.

HDR brings an extra dimension of realism to your favourite entertainment. That higher range of light levels closely matches the human eye’s ability to see fine differences in brightness, while a wider colour space (BT.2020) gives a richer palette of colours for all those extra brightness levels. Together, these factors add up to astonishing realism and immersiveness. So whether you’re watching a spectacular laser battle in the depths of space or blue skies over a tranquil landscape, HDR takes you closer to what the director originally intended to show.

Leading the way in HDR

At Sony, we’ve been closely involved in establishing the standard of HDR since the very beginning. Today, we offer TV broadcasters and film-makers a complete range of HDR products and solutions – from cine cameras to professional displays – that faithfully capture and reproduce HDR’s expanded brightness range and colours.

And you’ll benefit from that same expertise in our latest range of 4K HDR projectors that bring you a more lifelike viewing experience than ever before.

Inside our 4K Home Cinema projectors is the same advanced SXRD panel technology you’ll find in Sony’s cinema projectors. Their phenomenal native contrast ratio is ideal for accurately reproducing the additional range of brightness levels in content that’s been shot and produced for HDR.

HDR to suit everyone’s preferences

We’ll ensure that HDR content always looks its very best. Some of the first HDR movies can look a little dark: our 4K Home Cinema projectors’ unique ‘HDR Contrast’ function corrects this, adjusting average brightness levels to suit your individual preference. So whatever you’re watching, you’ll enjoy superb HDR pictures with satisfyingly idyllic brightness levels.

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