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4K SXRD projectors form “backbone” of Ford design

Automotive giant Ford is using 4K SXRD projectors to accelerate its design and quality control operation at its Product Development Centre in Michigan.

4K SXRD projectors form “backbone” of Ford design

Ultra-high resolution

Computer-rendered designs are projected onto a 60ft ‘Powerwall’ using a number of SRX-S110 projectors – succeeded by the SRX-T110 model. Ultra-realistic 3D models of full-size vehicles can also be displayed side-by-side – a competitive advantage in the automotive industry.

Advanced design system

Ford teamed with large-scale display specialists IGI to install the 4K projectors, selected for the exceptionally high level of detail they produce.

IGI President Pat Hernandez said: “They are the backbone of one of the most advanced design systems in the industry. They enable designers to carefully, yet quickly, review and refine full-scale computer rendered graphics.”

60ft Powerwall

The 60ft Powerwall in Ford’s Electronic Design Presentation Room uses three SXRD 4K projectors, all producing 10,000 ANSI lumens and 8.8 million pixels each. Two more are used for separate screens in the Advanced Visualisation Centre, allowing designers and engineers to resolve design issues with confidence
and clarity never before possible.

Reduced costs

State-of-the-art 4K SXRD projection strengthens Ford’s industry leadership, enabling a continuous flow of creativity with a beginning-to-end digital design process.

Sony’s SXRD Marketing Manager explained, “Ford’s selection of our projectors to evolve design review processes brings products to market faster and reduces costs. It’s further proof that we’re up to the challenges faced by today’s demanding design centres.”

Advanced visualisation and simulation

The SRX-T110 is considered one of the industry’s most advanced visualization systems. Our SRX-T615 at 18,000 lumens and SRX-T420 at 21,000 lumens deliver even higher brightness for manufacturing and other industrial applications, plus theme parks and planetariums where high-impact visuals are key.

Take a look at our ultra-high resolution 4K SXRD projectors for visualisation and simulation