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SCTV-IVM Gets a Head Start in High Definition

One is a family-oriented regional TV station famous for its awardwinning children’s and religious programmes. The other, a private TV station specialising in cultural programmes. What seemed like an odd couple has blossomed into one of Indonesia’s most successful partnerships in broadcasting.

SCTV-IVM Gets a Head Start in High Definition

An SCTV-IVM production crew member setting up the
XDS-1000 Professional Media Station for a studio

SCTV-IVM formed as a result of a merger in 2011 between PT Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV) and PT Indosiar Visual Mandiri (IVM) has grown from strength to strength. Managed by Surya Citra Media (SCM), the new entity has steadily expanded its repertoire of programmes to include news, reality shows, variety shows, talk shows, sports, dramas and soap operas.

To cope with its increased production of original content, the station embarked on an upgrading programme in 2014. It also used the upgrading exercise to prepare itself for the inevitable analogue switch-off in Indonesia (scheduled for 2018).

Although all its programmes are broadcast in Standard Definition,the station decided to embrace the future by investing in a wide range of dual-format system cameras. This head start would also give its camera and technical crew sufficient time to get up to speed with the demands of High Definition.

Says Suwarno, Broadcast Support Division Head, SCM – Emtek Group: “SCTV-IVM believes in investing for the future. Our new investments will go a long way towards helping us achieve our goals to produce high quality SD and HD content for our viewers.”

Amongst the purchases made by SCTV-IVM include the HDC-1700 HD system camera, PMW-200, PMW-150 and PMW-100 camcorders, MVS-3000A Multi-format Switcher and the XDS-1000 Professional Media Station.

The Sony XDS-1000 is extremely flexible. We use it as a live recorder, library, editor, digitise content and as an MCR playlist.
-Suwarno, Broadcast Support Division Head, SCM – Emtek Group

The XDS-1000’s ability to record the XAVCTM HD format on SxS media also made it an ideal choice for broadcasters like SCTV-IVM who are looking for an affordable, quality production solution that opens up diverse operational possibilities.

SCTV-IVM invested in 30 units of XDS-1000. Compact in size, it can be easily deployed in a studio, ENG or OB van. Another benefit of this entry-level deck is that it facilitates the station’s migration from an all-media to a file-based workflow. This not only enhances the station’s speed in getting content on air but will also improve its workflow when the station makes the switch to HD.

Adds Suwarno: “The Sony XDS-1000 is extremely flexible. We use it as a live recorder, library, editor, digitise content and as an MCR playlist. With its XDCAMTM 4:2:2 format, we will be able to enjoy more creative options both in the studio as well as live applications.”

By investing in the future with Sony, SCTV-IVM is confident that it can continue to add another illustrious chapter in its exciting journey in broadcasting.