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Sony Wins Secutech Excellence Award 2014

The Full HD Fixed Camera, SNC-VB635 have won the Secutech Excellence Award 2014 at the Secutech professional shootout event consisting of 27 brands and over 500 international voters - effectively cementing its reputation as one of the world's best IP Camera.

Sony Wins Secutech Excellence Award 2014

What happened at the Sony Booth in Secutech Taiwan 2014

Visitors to the Sony booth at Secutech Taipei 2014 were treated to a unique showcase of our latest G6 models, which were housed within specially designed environments to demonstrate the capabilities of our cameras in real-life situations.

Some examples of our cameras on showcase were:

  • Transport - X series ISO-certified for vehicular and train-borne use (SNC-XM632 / SNC-XM636 / SNC-XM637)
  • City Surveillance - W series industry's fastest pan speed of 700°/s, gyro-stabilised PTZ camera (SNC-WR600 / SNC-WR602 / SNC-WR630 / SNC-WR632)
  • Retail - C series all-in-one feature-rich compact, stylish camera (SNC-CX600 / SNC-600W)
  • Banking – H series rugged vandal proof 360° hemispheric camera (SNC-HM662)

Sony has also for the very first time put together a tour of our Secutech 2014 booth on video, as guided by Ms Eunice Tan, Assistant manager of Visual Security Business Development team to allow those who had missed out on the event to get in the know of our security products for 2014.