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Sony provides full suite of video security solutions to The Mind Museum

Sony’s cameras offer better benefits in the long-term such as easier upgrading compared to Analog Cameras, which were what the team at The Mind Museum was considering. Such benefits related to future upgrading meant that Sony products can withstand the test of time. Solutions wise, Sony also offers more advanced and better capabilities. In terms of the museum’s branding direction, Sony’s top-of-the-line security systems were also in-line with the museum’s vision as a world-class Science museum.

Sony provides full suite of video security solutions to The Mind Museum


With more than 250 interactive exhibits in the house to dispel the notion that science is cold, boring and unapproachable, The Mind Museum is the biggest and most impressive science museum in Philippines. After a 5-year-old long preparation work, it first held its soft launch in December 2011 and had its official opening in early 2012. It currently has five main galleries and an 800 square meter extensive outdoor Science-in-Park facility where guests can continue their learning experience from inside the museum to the interactive exhibits in the park.


The open design concept of The Mind Museum building has posed several challenges for both the museum management as well as the Sony team in Philippines.

Due to the size of the complex and the multiple entry-exit points, museum staffs are unable to screen everyone who enters the building compound. Low-lighting conditions that arise from dimly-lit areas like the Planetarium, and concerns of possible tampering on cameras installed in areas with low-ceiling, are also additional challenges that the team needs to take into consideration.

Some landscapes like the open carpark within the compound require night vision surveillance capability while the museum’s entrance was installed with glass that resulted in a lot of strong sunlight coming into the internal compounds on a normal sunny day. As such, the museum needs a comprehensive surveillance camera plan which allows them to efficiently monitor the movements of human traffic and activities within the museum compound, despite the challenging lighting conditions presented.


Sony Solution

Outdoor vandal-resistant minidomes are installed
around The Mind Museum.

A total of 48 Network HD cameras alongside with 2 Licenses for the RealShot Manager Advanced Software, several units of LED Bravia TVs and VAIO Laptops were deployed in this project. Full HD Minidome cameras with vandal-resistant capabilities like the SNC-DH240T were installed in areas with low ceilings to carry out surveillance duties without fear of being tampered.

General surveillance duties along the glass encased walkway leading to the reception was performed by SNC-CH240, which comes with the View-DR technology that helped to eliminate the common problem of having strong backlight behind an object causing the object’s faces to “darken.” The DEPA™ Advanced technology within the camera also comes with Intelligent Motion Detection capabilities and some other analytics capabilities such as advanced audio detection and tamper alarm.

Dimly-lit areas such as the Planetarium were installed with the SNC-CH280 HD Bullet Cameras that come with IR Illuminator that allows surveillance to be done in the dark up to 15m away. Other IP66 rated Outdoor IR cameras like the SNC-DH280 with built-in Easy-zoom and Easy-focus functions were also installed at various corners of the museum perimeters to help monitor the environment in low-lighting conditions.

SNC-ER580 cameras with day/night modes for improved visibility were also deployed outdoors in the open carpark with the UNI-ORD7T2/T housing that is meant for PTZ Cameras. This outdoor vandal-resistant housing allows the SNC-ER580 to carry out surveillance duties in the open outdoor areas effectively while being sheltered from the weather conditions


Thanks to Sony’s security solutions, staff at The Mind Museum can now carry out their duties in monitoring the building compound with more ease. They were able to easily zoom in to specific areas they wish to monitor, with the user-friendly interface and the learning process for the security team was also a smooth one with Sony providing manpower to help train them.

All the cameras installed were found to be very effective as the recording and playback of video footages were smooth. Apart from these, cameras equipped with the View-DR Technology that were mainly installed at the front entrance also play an effective role in solving the sunlight problem. The high resolution of 1080p in these Sony cameras has also enabled the museum staff to clearly identify suspicious matters or personnel and also to accurately identify the license plate numbers. All these security solutions have proved to be very helpful and have since increased the level of safety in the museum.

Why Sony Were Selected

The Mind Museum has initially considered Analog Cameras. However, Sony’s cameras offer better benefits in the long-term such as easier upgrading. This meant that if Sony comes up with an firmware version up in the future, the museum can simply upgrade existing network cameras instead of changing all its devices.

Such benefits also meant that the Sony products can last longer. Solutions wise, Sony also offers more advanced and far better capabilities than Analog cameras. Thus, it suits what The Mind Museum is looking for. In terms of the museum’s branding direction, Sony’s top-of-the-line security systems were also in line with the museum’s vision as a world-class Science museum. 


Mr Mark De Jesus, Building Administrator, The Mind Museum

"Sony provided very good level of support and facilitated a smooth installation process of the cameras and other Sony equipment within the Mind Museum.”

Mr Michael Parungao, Assistant Manager, Sony Philippines Inc

“We had no idea before, about the lighting conditions. But later on when we saw the design, we made adjustments to the cameras at the front entrance of the museum, so that they have the capabilities for effectively monitoring with View-DR."

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