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Professional camcorder with hybrid capabilities

Capable of capturing HD and SD in AVCHD and MPEG-2 formats and saving it to solid state media.

  • Simultaneous record

    Because the unit can capture to media cards plus an optional flash memory unit, you can a different signal to each, whether HD + a backup or HD + SD. The footage is then easily downloaded to a computer or backup drive using USB 2.0.
When using two, 32-GB memory cards, six hours of continuous HD footage can be recorded.

  • Easy operation

    The completely new menu interface allows users to adjust camcorder functions via a touch panel or buttons and switches. This interface is newly designed specifically for this model. Easier and more straightforward operations are achieved by the combination of a high-resolution XtraFine LCD panel, XtraFine electronic viewfinder (EVF), and well-defined layout.

  • Hybrid operation

    Equipped with a touch panel LCD with a complete new interface specifically designed for this new camcorder. Most of settings can be adjusted by touch screen operation, which is easy, straightforward, and instinctive for operators. However, standard operation using buttons and switches is also available, to provide users with choices to suit any shooting situation.

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