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HanoiTV sets the stage for HD

Hanoi Television is buzzing with excitement – High Definition excitement. Currently, it has 2 TV channels (Hanoi1 and Hanoi2) and 3 Radio channels (FM90Mhz, FM96.5Mhz and JOYFM 98.9Mhz.) Like many broadcasters across Vietnam, HanoiTV, which was established in 1954, is making the move from analogue to High Definition. It aims to convert to HD by 2017 its two free-to-air channels: Hanoi1 and Hanoi2.

HanoiTV sets the stage for HD

The official television network of Vietnam’s capital, HanoiTV caters to over 7 million viewers. And thanks to its excellent signal strength it also reaches viewers in provinces within a 100km radius of the city.

As part of its HD upgrade, HanoiTV has built a brand new building which also houses new studios capable of handling HD productions.

It has also recently increased its acquisition of the latest XDCAMTM camcorders. A long-term client of Sony, HanoiTV purchased 20 new Sony camcorders to produce a wide range of original content.

Amongst the camcorders HanoiTV invested in were the PXW-X320 and PXW-X200 camcorders. As part of the acclaimed XDCAMTM family, both cameras offer formidable performance and features for a wide range of shooting needs.

We focused on Sony camcorders as they are already part of our XDCAM™ workflow and integrate well with other products and software in our post production studios. - Ta Manh Quynh, Technical Manager, Hanoi Television

Says Ta Manh Quynh, Technical Manager at Hanoi Television on its new acquisitions: “The PXW-X320 was chosen as we wanted to increase our ENG coverage and lifestyle programmes and documentaries. Both required a camera that was able to work fast and deliver outstanding image quality.”

To support its production needs for its ENG and studio productions the station also acquired the PXW-X200 camcorder. The only handheld camcorder with 1/2-inch ExmorTM CMOS sensors, delivering high sensitivity, low noise and wide dynamic range even in challenging lighting conditions.

Adds Ta ”We focused on Sony camcorders as they are already part of our XDCAMTM workflow and integrate well with other products and software in our post production studios.”

Indeed, the XDCAMTM 422 format delivers superior quality HD recordings at a bit rate of 50Mbps using MPEG 4:2:2, and it is no surprise why it is the preferred workflow for leading broadcasters in Vietnam and around the world.

HanoiTV invested in both the PXW-X320 and PXW-X200 camcorders.

The new Sony camcorders will go a long way towards enhancing HanoiTV’s production range and joins a long list of current Sony products like the PDW-530 and PMW-350 XDCAMTM camcorders, and DSR-400 DVCAM camera.

Another priority for HanoiTV on the selection of Sony was its on-the-ground technical support.

“HanoiTV has a wide range of Sony products and we’ve been very impressed with their build quality, performance and good after-sales service. That’s why we have continued to invest in Sony products,” says Ta.

With its new operation building, new HD studios and an armoury of outstanding Sony equipment in place, HanoiTV can confidently look towards 2017 as it joins an elite band of broadcasters producing high quality HD content.