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Ultra-fast “SxS PRO+” memory cards transform 4K video capture

New Sony media is fast, reliable and perfect for high frame rate professional recording

Ultra-fast “SxS PRO+” memory cards transform 4K video capture

Capturing ultra-high definition video like 4K requires fast, reliable media. New high speed Sony SxS PRO+ (Plus) memory cards take on that challenge and offer professionals a secure and efficient recording solution.
Both the SBP-128B and SBP-64B cards can read data at a rapid 1.6Gbps* and write at 1.5Gbps*, enabling stable recording of 4K video. Up to 20 minutes of 4K XAVC Intra 422 60p (600Mbps) or 240 minutes of HD MPEG 422 30p (50Mbps) can be recorded on the larger 128GB card. With its wider coverage of video recording codecs, SxS PRO+ boosts workflow efficiency with shorter transfer times, even when dealing with huge data-intensive files.

For stable recording 4K video in XAVC Intra 422 60p (600Mbps) or HD XAVC Intra 422 180P (600Mbps) mode, SxS PRO+ offers a guaranteed minimum writing speed at 1.3Gbps. This high speed performance has been achieved through a newly-developed controller and an intelligent function that avoids speed degradation when used with compatible Sony PMW-F55 cameras.   
The SxS memory cards use the industry-standard PCIe platform as an interface to realize higher transfer speeds up to 8Gbps (or 1000MB/s, theoretical maximum speed with 3rd generation).

Another important benefit of the new media is its outstanding reliability. With data error correction, a data defect minimising function and power failure management for recreating clips following a sudden power loss or accidental card ejection, SxS PRO+ is ready to shoot in all environments. Quality is assured through intense testing during manufacture so footage stays secure in even the toughest of conditions.
The new media is also very convenient for professional use. It supports the lifetime indication function on PMW-F55/F5 cameras. Also, “Memory Media Utility” software allows users to easily manage their SxS cards with a library function, life time/remaining recording time/remaining capacity indicators, simultaneous data back-up to three locations and quick or full formatting at FAT32 or UDF. On the back of SxS PRO+ media is a Sony contact code which can be scanned by mobile phone in the event of a sudden accident during shooting to find Sony Customer Service Website.
Both the SBP-128B and SBP-64B SxS PRO+ cards meet the demands of 4K video shooting and will be available from end of January 2013.
* Based on Sony internal testing. Transfer speeds vary and are dependent on host device.