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Video Channel’s Next Game Changer: 4K

What does Jacky Cheung, the Rolling Stones and Manny Pacquiao share in common? Well apart from being superstars, their mega events have all been covered by Video Channel Productions. It’s no wonder that Video Channel’s client list looks like a who’s who in the entertainment, events and sports industry.

Video Channel’s Next Game Changer: 4K

Established in 1996, the Hong Kong-based production house has been the go-to place for premium Outside Broadcast support from acquisition to distribution in any format for distribution anywhere in the world. It also offers experienced TV crew, video post-production facilities and mastering services.

But it’s not its stellar clientele alone that sets Video Channel apart from its competitors, rather it’s the way the firm has embraced change.

A Sony client since day one, it was the first production house in 2006 to acquire Hong Kong’s first ever HD broadcast system – a year ahead of Hong Kong’s leading TV stations and production houses.

That vision paid off handsomely when it became the first production house to produce Hong Kong’s first HD Live broadcast for the Miss Chinese Cosmo Pageant 2006, for Phoenix TV.

In 2007, Video Channel picked up double accolades – producing the first Blu-ray disc featuring the Show-Mi concert and supporting the HD Live broadcast of the Barclays Asia Trophy golf tournament for PCCW/Now TV. In 2012, it set another milestone in Hong Kong’s concert industry with its first-ever 3D multi-cam production for the Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Concert.

Explains Stone Lee, Chief Operations Officer at Video Channel Productions: “Our goal was to be the trendsetter and be the preferred partner for TV stations in Hong Kong and international clients who use Hong Kong and the region for their mega events.”

A Video Channel Productions’ editor reviews the 4K
recording of a concert in Hong Kong.

At every step of its journey, Sony equipment has played a pivotal role in helping deliver the superior quality that defines Video Channel. In fact, every time a new Sony product was released, Video Channel would undoubtedly be the first to acquire it.

The firm’s impressive Sony inventory includes a wide range of system cameras and EFP cameras such as the HDC-3300 super motion camera with fiber interface and the HDC-2000 3G double speed multi-format camera. It also offers a wide array of OLED monitors and recorders.

Says Lee: “Sony’s image and build quality is unrivalled. We started with Sony and continue to grow with them. It’s a partnership that has helped us grow from strength to strength.”

Building on its track record for innovation, the firm has recently formed a new division – 4K UHD Broadcast, and acquired a fleet of the latest Sony 4K camera – the HDC-4300. A real game changer, the HDC-4300 offers for the first time a single platform that can handle 4K, HD and Super Slow-Motion.

Adds Lee: “We were astounded with the HDC-4300’s superb 4K capabilities with wide dynamic range and colour space. Viewers will be simply blown away when they view Hong Kong’s first 4K UHD Blu-ray featuring one of Hong Kong leading superstars which will be out in 2017.”

Standardizing our cameras under the Sony brand has given us an unrivalled level of integration in our workflow, and that translates into superior image quality for our clients and better returns on our productions. – Stone Lee, Chief Operations Officer, Video Channel Productions Ltd

Delivering uncompromised image quality, the HDC-4300 integrates seamlessly with Video Channel’s existing HD infrastructure and accessories as well as the most advanced 4K live production workflow. Optional software upgrades lets the firm add amazing 4K 2x and HD 8x super slow-motion and 4K image capture to standard HD outputs.

Says Lee: “Standardizing our cameras under the Sony brand has given us an unrivalled level of integration in our workflow, and that translates into superior image quality for our clients and better returns on our productions.”

By investing in the right technology, Video Channel Productions is always ready for the next evolution in the exciting world of broadcast.