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A world of applications for 4K Professional Displays

Our energy-saving 4K Professional Displays are the best way to get your message across. Combining our world-leading innovation in visual imaging with the most advanced professional B2B features, they’re ideal for a wide range of environments from boardrooms to shops and school classrooms. You’ll impress any audience with vibrant colours, high contrast and crisp detail in 4K Ultra HD – available in a full range of screen sizes right up to 65”.

A world of applications for 4K Professional Displays

4K Professional Displays for Corporate & Business

Present a more professional image with our stylish 4K Professional Displays. Slim and easy to install, they’re the smarter choice in boardrooms, lobbies and meeting areas. Drawing directly on our leadership in consumer video technology, the powerful X1 processor upscales charts, graphics and videos to detail-packed 4K Ultra HD for the crispest, clearest presentations you’ve ever seen.

Our 4K Professional Displays makes the ideal solution in any workplace, with a generous choice of interfaces plus flexible automation, control and screen management options that allow smooth, seamless integration into today’s AV environments. And as 4K rapidly becomes the new standard for visual communications in all areas of business, cost-effective 4K Professional Displays futureproofs your corporate image for years to come.

4K Professional Displays for Retail


Grab shoppers’ attention with big, bold sales messages, video promotions, news and more. Found in our award-winning consumer imaging products, TRILUMINOS Display technology expands your colour palette for extra in-store impact. 4K Professional Displays can play also content directly from a USB memory or over a network, with no need to buy costly media players for each screen.

The energy-efficient backlight keeps running costs down, while delivering high-contrast images that can be seen clearly against the glare of harsh store lights.

It’s easy to create colourful, eye-catching signage in minutes – with no need for a dedicated media player for each screen and no special authoring skills needed.

4K Professional Displays for Education

Freshen up your visual communications with 4K Professional Displays for schools, colleges and universities. Replace printed notices, team lists and catering menus with colourful, eye-catching multimedia displays that demand students’ attention. Make your point more effectively with 4K image quality in classrooms, theatres and foyers – or any space where you need to inform, update or advise. It’s easy to spread the word with dozens of screens across multiple buildings or sites, all managed centrally from an ordinary PC. 4K Professional Displays also cuts school energy bills, waking up automatically the input is connected and switching off when the screen isn’t used.

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