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4K Professional Displays – better for your business

Value-packed Professional 4K LED Displays are the compelling choice for a wide range of signage and presentation applications. With four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K means more detail and even more visual impact for customers and internal audiences alike. Here are ten reasons why 4K displays can benefit your business with brighter, better-looking pictures, smart features and affordable running costs.

4K Professional Displays – better for your business

1.More detail, colour and contrast

With four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K instantly grabs everyone’s attention with lifelike detail, rich colours and exceptional wide contrast. From digital signage to video conferences, our 4K Professional Displays are the key to getting your message across when it really matters.

2.More detail, more impact

There’s a fast-growing world of 4K content. Our Professional Displays can display images with 4K resolution directly from USB devices or an IP network connection. What’s more, our Professional Displays upscales Full HD input signals to 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels): that’s four times more detail. The difference is clear with a crisp, sharp look for signage, video conferences and more. Even close to the screen your audience can’t see individual pixels, just smooth, natural images.

3. Better quality, exceptional value

Migrating to 4K with Sony is more affordable than you’d think. Our Professional Displays are aggressively priced compared with other manufacturers’ 4K displays – giving you market leading image quality and advanced functions for less.

4. Easily create powerful, cost-effective signage

Say goodbye to set-top boxes and expensive media player hardware. 4K Professional Displays support direct playback of HTML5 content, making it easy to create high-impact digital signage – quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

5. Easy to install, integrate and control

4K Displays are easy to install and simple to manage, from standalone signage to large multi-site applications. Compatibility with AMX and Control4 systems enable seamless integration into modern IPTV and networked AV environments. Time-saving Hotel Mode lets you customise display settings and copy them across multiple screens via USB memory. For extra versatility and convenience, display on/off, input select and volume can be controlled remotely over standard Ethernet networks.

6.Make an instant impression

Our 4K Professional Display’s slim, modern styling makes an elegant addition to any environment – from boardrooms to hotels and retail stores. With a wide range of mounting options, every display integrates beautifully into corporate, retail or educational environments.

7. Lower running costs

Every 4K professional display uses an energy-efficient LED backlight, dramatically reducing power consumption to just 320W (KD-85X8500DPSD model) and delivering a class-leading reduction in running costs. Coupled with highly attractive pricing for all Sony 4K professional displays, it adds up to an unbeatable business proposition.

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