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Ten bright reasons to switch to laser projection

Our VPL-FHZ60, VPL-FHZ65 and VPL-FHZ57 laser projectors are great for businesses, universities and schools, with fantastic picture quality, low running costs and up to 20,000 hours operation without changing light source. Here are ten great reasons for switching to laser for your next presentation with Sony.

Ten bright reasons to switch to laser projection

1. Laser lasts longer

Nothing lasts forever – and ordinary projector lamps have the habit of lasting a few thousand hours at best. The laser light source in our VPL-FHZ60, VPL-FHZ65 and VPL-FHZ57 projectors are rated for an estimated 20,000 hours operation. Typically, that means you don’t need to replace the light source for almost ten years in normal use.

2. Stay productive with fewer interruptions

Who wants to interrupt that important presentation or lecture with an unexpected lamp changing? Laser’s far longer lifetime means there’s virtually no chance of disruption when you’re focused on getting that important point across to your audience.

3. Less hassle, lower ownership costs

No lamps. No maintenance. No downtime. 20,000 hours filter replacement cycles keep the projector in peak operating condition while reducing maintenance needs even further. With laser it all adds up to significantly lower lifetime ownership costs compared with conventional business projectors.

4. Visibly brilliant pictures

The VPL-FHZ700L and VPL-FHZ55 combine a highly efficient laser light source with Sony’s acclaimed 3LCD BrightEra™ panel technology. It’s a potent blend that delivers exceptionally bright, high contrast pictures with excellent colour accuracy and stability.

5. Always stays bright without fading

If you’re a seasoned user of conventional projectors, you’ll know that the lamp source fades over time, making presentations noticeably dimmer and duller as the lamp ages. But with a laser light source brightness lasts longer . So every presentation looks as clear, bright and beautiful as the last.

6. No waiting

The laser light source turns on and off instantly – unlike conventional lamp projectors that need time to warm up and cool down, wasting valuable time in that lecture or important presentation. With laser the waiting’s over

7. Install it any way you want

The laser light source in the VPL-FHZ700L and VPL-FHZ55 doesn’t have any special installation requirements. Mount the projector sideways, upside down – any way you want it.

8. Cleaner and greener

With lots of energy-saving features built in, our laser projectors are kinder on the environment. And as well as helping our planet, you’ll be grateful for the welcome reduction in electricity bills.

9. More of what you love

There’s a lot that’s reassuringly familiar about our laser projectors. They’re built into the same standard chassis size as other Sony F Series projectors, with the same familiar connections and a friendly user interface. So your transition to laser is reassuringly seamless.

10. Your dependable choice, today and tomorrow

They’re made to last for longer. Exceptional reliability is designed into every Sony projector, ensuring extra peace of mind when your business depends on great-looking presentations. Today and tomorrow, laser gives you superb performance plus the reassurance of a future-proofed solution that’s with you for the long term.

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