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Visual Simulation: Phenomenal in 4K

When details matter, 4K is your only choice for advanced visual simulation applications like industrial design, CAD, flight simulation, scientific research and healthcare. Sony introduced the first commercial 4096 x 2160 resolution projector, and today our advanced SXRD panel technology delivers outstanding image quality in 2D and 3D that leaves other projectors in the shade. Bring visual simulations to life with outstanding contrast, colour and detail that only 4K delivers.

Visual Simulation: Phenomenal in 4K

Images visualised with greater clarity

From complex 3D prototypes and CAD renderings to lifelike simulations – projection in 4K brings amazing clarity to a huge range of industrial, scientific and medical applications. With four times the resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels) of Full HD, 4K lets you experience the finest details with unmatched clarity, even when you’re extremely close to the screen.

Virtually real: More immersive simulation

Simulations in 4K create a far bigger, more immersive visual space than conventional HD projection. You’ll see Sony 4K projectors powering a more true-to-life cockpit view in airline flight simulators and military training tools.

Trust your data presented in 4K detail

Visualising and managing large-scale sets of mission-critical data demands unambiguous detail. Projection in superior 4K presents huge volumes of information for faster, more efficient analysis, interpretation and decision-making.

Interpret the world more clearly

Today’s computer-based geological, metrological, and geographic mapping systems generate immense amounts of information. Visualisation in 4K lets you focus faster on crucial data points, map details, textures, patterns and trends.

Better by design

Bring super-size CAD renderings and design prototypes to life with photo-realistic quality. Unlike conventional HD projection, 4K visualisations won’t degenerate into jagged lines and pixels as you get closer to the screen – letting you design and create with even greater confidence.

Better informed research

Critical scientific research often depends on visualising and accurately interpreting large volumes of information. That’s why many researchers rely on 4K to present the clearest picture, with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels that helps present fine textures and nuances accurately for deeper, quicker analysis.

Bringing more clarity to healthcare

Projection in Ultra high resolution 4K helps medical students and consultants to see fine anatomical details that other display technologies miss. For lectures and medical training, 4K means bigger images with greater texture and detail.

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