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News from Sony at MEDICA 2017

There was plenty of innovation from Sony on show at this year’s MEDICA trade fair. Here’s a round-up the products and solutions - which aim to support more efficient diagnosis, surgery and post-operative care.

News from Sony at MEDICA 2017

Digital operating room workflow and innovation

At MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf, Sony presented its latest products and solutions that deliver improvements in image quality from light-to-display – enabling smarter end-to-end clinical workflows in the integrated operating room and beyond. Here’s a round-up of our MEDICA product highlights.

Diagnostic and documentation solutions

MEDICA served as a showcase for Sony’s state-of-the-art solutions to support clinical diagnosis and documentation. Highlights from our portfolio of medical printers, recorders and OLED monitors were shown integrated into solutions from leading modality manufacturers for ultrasound, radiology and surgical applications.

The MCM-2250NB*1 OLED monitor has been evaluated by GE Healthcare as ‘the best ultrasound monitor in the market’. Also ideal for ultrasound applications, the HVO-550MD medical recorder has been validated for use with leading ultrasound systems including GE Healthcare’s 'Vivid' product line, plus systems by Toshiba and ESAOTE.

Printing product highlights include the UP-D898DC that augments our range of DC-powered printers for easy integration in an ultrasound cart, plus the UP-DR80MD A4 digital colour printer that’s an ideal partner for surgical applications.

The UPA-WU10** wireless printing solution simplifies cable-free connection between compatible Sony medical printers and surgical endoscopes, ultrasound systems and other imaging modalities. We also demonstrated the superior features of Sony original print media that ensure excellent print quality and longevity.

Hybrid operating room and HD surgical solutions

As shown at MEDICA, latest firmware for the HVO-3300MT 3D HD medical video recorder now supports seamless integration into end-to-end DICOM workflow, plus live video streaming from the OR to lecture theatres and consultant’s offices.

Allowing high-quality surgical video recording at a lower price point, the HVO-500MD/SUR fits seamlessly into both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition surgical imaging workflows.

Intuitive to use and easy to clean, Sony’s LMD-2765MD and LMD-2735MD Full HD medical monitors are optimised for surgical environments. A prime choice for surgical printing in the operating room, the UP-DR80MD was shown partnered with the UPA-WU10 as a complete wireless printing solution.

Microscopy surgery solutions

4K camera technology will have a significant impact on microscopic surgical procedures. At MEDICA Sony demonstrated a dual 4K 3CMOS surgical camera system in prototype form. This delivers true 4K 3D resolution – higher than any currently commercialised system.

Revealing four times the detail of Full HD with a native 4K source, the LMD-X550MD/ MT medical monitor offers impressively accurate colour reproduction. It was complemented at MEDICA by Sony’s class-leading LMD-2760/2765MD Full HD monitors, and the LMD-2435/2735MD that deliver excellent imaging performance at a very attractive price.

Digital operating room solutions

Powerful and highly flexible, NUCLeUS is Sony’s vendor neutral video-over-IP platform that supports image-rich hospital workflows.

Intuitive and easy to use, NUCLeUS allows video and still images from any source – including endoscopy, microscopy and more – to be routed instantly to any monitors in the operating room.

Its true video-over-IP implementation allows NUCLeUS to host a range of Smart Applications that enhance surgical workflow. This architecture also allows other third-party developers to contribute their own apps to the platform.

Content can also be recorded to a central server for training purposes, or routed over standard hospital networks to other operating rooms, consulting rooms and remote sites. The NUCLeUS platform also enables utilisation of recorded material for training and education within the hospital’s existing infrastructure.

Endoscopic surgery solutions

4K imaging provides surgeons with greater detail to visualise fine structures during endoscopic surgical procedures, while the improved depth perception of 3D can help surgeons work with greater confidence and accuracy.

At MEDICA Sony emphasised its partnerships with endoscopic camera manufacturers to develop innovative new imaging solutions. A demonstration of parallel 4K and 3D imaging workflows featured an endoscopic imaging system with images displayed on the LMD-X550MT - the only 4K 3D surgical monitor on the market.

Endoscopic imaging workflow was also supported by Sony’s HVO-4000MT 4K 3D medical video recorder and HVO-3300MT HD 3D recorder.

Visual solutions

In an exciting demonstration of future medical innovation, Sony showed a conceptualised Virtual Reality (VR) environment, enabled by our NUCLeUS platform as the central recording base. In the demo, surgical imaging sources in the operating room were combined with patient data and other information – creating an immersive visualisation that allows other surgeons, clinical experts and students to ‘participate’ in surgical interventions.

* This product is not a medical device.

** Please contact your Sony representative for a list of the compatible printers

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