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Keeping a watchful eye right across your store

Retailers can help protect their premises, employees and customers with the all-seeing SNC-HM662 hemispheric-view camera. Its 360-degree field of view means fewer security cameras are needed to cover the entire area, driving down hardware and installation costs.

Keeping a watchful eye right across your store

Managing risks to your retail business

Busy retailers don’t have the luxury of eyes in the back of their heads. There’s a lot to keep track of, whether you’re running a small convenience store, supermarket or shopping mall.

Nobody wants to see their precious stock disappear out of the front door, or through an unsupervised entrance or loading bay. Shop fittings, goods and individuals’ personal property are at constant risk of theft and vandalism. And there’s an extra obligation to protect employees and customers from the risk of intimidation or assault.

Virtually every retailer relies on some kind of video monitoring to keep their business premises under round-the-clock scrutiny. But the limited view of ordinary CCTV cameras makes it difficult – and expensive – to watch every part of the building, including access points.

Providing comprehensive video monitoring has meant installing more cameras, entailing higher capital outlay and bigger installation costs. Many store owners are forced to compromise on coverage, leaving inevitable blind spots in the very places where a watchful eye is needed.

As criminals employ more sophisticated techniques, continuity of evidence is crucial to identify where and how thieves have moved through a shop, and who was involved. Tracking with a conventional PTZ requires an operator to follow the target person. But by using a high-resolution 360 degree camera, the whole scene can be monitored and recorded live, while selected areas can be viewed close-up with digital PTZ – live and in playback – to ensure that nothing’s missed.

Better protection everywhere it matters

Now Sony offers retailers a more cost effective video monitoring solution that’s in tune with the needs of every business, large or small. The SNC-HM662 hemispheric-view camera keeps things covered with a fully panoramic 360-degree field of view. So it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever before to provide comprehensive video coverage of all at-risk areas, both inside the building and out.

Unlike ordinary fisheye lens cameras, the SNC-HM662 uses a unique panomorph lens that captures a hemispherical view of the scene with no blind spots. Thanks to patented optical technology by ImmerVision, videos footage remains crisp and clear right to the edge of the scene where fisheye lenses can lose vital detail.

The web client software offers eleven selectable picture modes, including whole-area and split-screen views. Since the whole scene is always recorded by the VMS (video management software), live and playback views at the client are available from multiple angles simultaneously. This also lets you zoom in easily at any time for detail-packed close-ups, either live or when you’re reviewing recorded footage.

With wider coverage you’ll need fewer cameras to protect every part of your retail business. And you’ll cut upfront costs even further with features like a built-in microphone for two-way audio communication, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and edge storage for ‘no network’ recording to a removable memory card. As well as saving on hardware investment, you’ll enjoy reduced installation costs, simpler maintenance and less disruption for customers and staff.

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