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Affordable 4K digital cinema projection system for small screens

Gives audiences the immersive thrill of Sony 4K for cinema screens up to 10 metres wide

Building on the success of the acclaimed SRX-R515P, the SRX-R510P brings a true Sony 4K digital cinematic experience to smaller theatres with limited budgets. Teaming superb true 4K picture quality with low running costs, the SRX-R510P shares many of the same features as the SRX-515P, including a compact body, integrated media block and SXRD technology. Also derived from the SRX-R515P, the resilient High Pressure Mercury (HPM) array delivers a 9,000 lumen light output from four individually-replaceable projection lamps (compared to six lamps for the SRX-515P). There is a choice of high quality true 4K 2D projection lenses to suit different-sized auditoria. And it is simple to upgrade to smooth, immersive 3D with the addition of an easy-to-fit 3D lens/filter option. The easy-to-use projector features an intuitive 15-inch touch panel user interface, and can also be controlled remotely via a networked PC and web browser.

  • True 4K images

    4096 x 2160 pixels, four times the resolution of 2K and HD.

  • High brightness projection on screens up to 10m wide

    Brightness of 9,000 lumens (with 4x 450W lamps), optimised for small cinema screens up to 10m wide.

  • High contrast images

    High contrast ratio of more than 4,000:1.

  • Cost-effective HPM lamp array

    Lamp replacement is safe and easy, while contributing to reduced overall running costs.

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SRX R510P projector product brochure

SRX R510P projector product brochure

Download the SRX R510 product brochure.