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Media Navigator

Powerful, affordable asset management solution

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Media asset management solutions enable you to organize, manage, protect, and share your valuable content.

Media Navigator is the powerful, affordable asset management solution from Sony that’s a perfect fit for smaller and medium sized production environments.

Media Navigator orchestrates all phases of your content workflow – from ingest, catalogue and editing to review, approvals, distribution and archive.

Uniquely flexible and effortlessly scalable, it’s ideal for single-seat users and larger workgroups alike. Better still, Media Navigator offers top-flight performance at a fraction the cost of other less capable Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions.

  • Enables a fast, flexible, and efficient workflow for various types of workgroup productions

  • Provides both online and offline shelf management of content using widely Optical Disc Archive media, which is highly durable and ideal for long-term content preservation.

  • Cost effective solution with top-flight performance

  • Management (MAM) solutions.

  • Supports Windows 8 and Mac operating systems

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