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SDI/composite video input, digital extender, and 50-pin interface option board for the PMW-500

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Increases capabilities of PMW-500 XDCAM HD422 shoulder-mount memory camcorder

The CBK-HD02 is an SDI/composite video input, digital extender and 50-pin interface option board for the PMW-500. The CBK-HD02 supports the XDCA-55 camera adaptor for the camera signal extender unit. The installation of the CBK-HD02 option also activates the following additional features in the camcorder: SDI/composite video input and digital extender. The 50-pin interface will also work with the HDCA-702 MPEG TS camera adaptor to provide a MPEG Transport Stream output over a DVB-ASI connection. The option board also allows the CA-FB70 optical fibre adaptor and CA-TX70 digital triax adaptor to operate with the PMW-500.

  • Extends the capabilities of the PMW-500

    The features activated with the installation of the CBK-HD02 include: 50-pin rear panel interface is compatible with HDCA-702 MPEG TS adapter, pool-feed input recording (HD/SD-SDI and composite), and digital extender.

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Compatible Products

  • PXW-X500


    Three 2/3-inch type PowerHAD FX Full HD CCD sensors XDCAM camcorder with multi-format recordings including XAVC
  • PMW-500


    Three 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCD sensors XDCAM HD422 camcorder recording full HD (plus SD option)

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