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XDCAM Metadata Workflow Solution

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XDCAM workflow is better, faster and more efficient

XMPilot is an advanced metadata workflow solution designed to significantly improve and speed up the overall XDCAM production workflow, targeting the broadcast, production and media markets. It is a combination of software and hardware for in-house and in-field applications, with added connectivity via mobile devices such as smartphones and touch tablets.

XMPilot is compatible with most XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD 422 camcorders, including the hugely successful PMW-500. With XMPilot, users can create planning metadata in advance, and have the flexibility to transfer this metadata to a camcorder remotely via email and Wi-Fi, as well as directly via USB or file-copying onto a recording media.

Live logging and post-shoot logging with mobile devices, such as smartphones and touch tablets, enables further enrichment of the metadata with EssenceMark™ and comments, eliminating paper-based logging, boosting workflow efficiency and reducing production costs. And XMPilot’s auto-ingest feature will push the time and resource savings even further at the ingest and editing stages, cutting down a typical 2-day clip logging job to only 2 hours.

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