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Digital HD videocassette recorder

Enables cost-effective HD productions

The HVR-M35N is an affordable yet high-performance HD recording system incorporating the HDV™ 1080i specification that offers the HDV format to a wide range of professional videographers.

HDV systems have gained rapid and wide acceptance due to their high picture quality, outstanding performance and cost-effectiveness. The HVR-M35N is the answer to growing demand for greater levels of operability, such as longer recording time and progressive format playback/record capabilities.

Users can record and play back video in a choice of HDV 1080i, DVCAM™ and DV formats. The HVR-M35N also features the HDV native progressive format capability, which provides stunning 1080p images at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second*.

Among the many essential features of the HVR-M35N are its compatibility with standard cassettes in addition to mini cassettes to provide extended recording time of up to 276 minutes. Optimised for use with nonlinear editing systems thanks to its highly compact size and ease of operation, the HVR-M35N offers plenty of other useful features, which include a built-in 2.7-inch* *-type, 16:9 LCD monitor and an HD-SDI or HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output for more demanding production environments.

The HVR-M35N is a powerful, cost-effective tool for nonlinear editing systems that will serve production needs well into the future.

* ‘24p’ means ‘23.98p’ video signal and ‘30p’ means ‘29.97p’ video signal

* * Viewable area measured diagonally.

  • HD quality at a more affordable price

    The HVR-M35N allows you to create stunning high-definition productions in a more cost-effective way. The HDV 1080i specification allows high-quality images and professional HD productions at a more affordable price.

  • Compatibility of recording formats

    As a member of the well-proven DV family of formats, HDV allows you to choose cassette options that best suit your recording requirements. These range from high-grade DV videocassette tapes that have to be highly robust to consumer-grade tapes for economy or heavy-duty applications using the DigitalMaster™ mini cassette. This tape is compatible with the HDV, DVCAM and DV formats.

  • Playback/record capabilities in one unit

    The HVR-M35N combines everything you need in one unit. It has the ability to record in either standard or high definition, allowing you to adapt to the requirements of your production. You can also use both NTSC and PAL, as well as playback/record in HDV native progressive format. This is one of our most dynamic and versatile HD videocassette recorders.

  • Allows longer recording

    Record for longer using HVR-M35N and you'll find your productions are more flexible and much more cost-effective. You can go much longer without the need for switching tapes. HDV format adopts the same track pitch and tape speed as the DV format to offer the same recording times. This gives a maximum of 276 minutes on a DigitalMaster standard cassette tape and a maximum of 63 minutes when recording on a DigitalMaster mini cassette tape.

  • Putting you in control

    The HVR-M35N offers users a wide choice of editing and performance controls to improve image quality and production efficiency. You're able to check crop positions and scanning lines before outputting, and you can check the audio to enhance production quality. Special assign buttons for frequently used functions allow you complete customisation over your production.

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