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UHF synthesised, slot-in, diversity wireless microphone receiver for cameramen

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Let the cameraman move without strings attached

Cameramen invariably want to focus their attention to the picture. Since the sound in many a producers view is equally important, Sony has pioneered video cameras with provision for slot-in diversity receivers.

Employing the same advanced receiver module as the acclaimed WRR-850A, the user interface is still explicitly simple. A unique feature makes it virtually impossible to send a tape off with no audio or unusable audio levels on it.

With its latest implementation of the standard Sony technological advanced features and its ability to operate on a 24Mhz bandwidth covering TV bands 62 to 64 it is the perfect slot in camera receiver for any application where ease of use is as important as reliability, quality and safety.

  • Unobtrusive and ease of use

    Inserts into, and with audio control from, SX and some DVCAM camcorders.

  • No external RF noise surprises using the scan feature

    For added safety on location the WRR-855B also includes an RF scan function, allowing you to identify if any RF noise is present possibly disturbing your performance.

  • Interference Free Reception with the Pilot Tone Squelch.

    A Pilot Tone muting squelch operation minimises the risk and equally important - effects - of a drop out. Creating a seamless transition free from bursts of noise sometimes found in systems not incorporating the Pilot Tone.

  • Intermodulation free operation of multi-channel systems

    Combinations of specially calculated and practically tested intermodulation-free frequencies are stored in the CPU making it easy to choose the correct frequencies for simultaneous multi-channel operation.

    Up to 10 intermodulation-free channels can be used simultaneously within an 8MHz European TV channel, free from internal interference. Particularly useful when on location with crews from other BC stations - it is easy to find alternative frequencies if interference becomes a problem.

  • Informative LCD display and LED's

    The informative display gives the operator a comprehensive status of vital information such as selected channel, AF level, received RF level.

  • Eliminating drop-outs and improving practical noise floor through Space Diversity

    Using the two antennae, positioned so that they "see" the same environment, it is statistically unlikely that the Field Strength will drop under a critical level at the same time at both antennae.

    Receiving both signals and selecting the best of them will not only reduce the likelihood of a total drop out, but also improve the practical audio noise floor.

  • Comprehensive Squelch functions for RF noise free operation

    The Pilot Tone Squelch, Low RF Muting and Excessive White Noise Muting functions work together to ensure optimum noise free and seamless performance.

  • Exceptional rejection of unwanted signals

    While maintaining optimum integrity of the desired signal, exceptional rejection and seamless muting is achieved through the use of advanced filtering techniques and the Pilot Tone

  • Safe in most kinds of climates

    The water-resistant design of the WRR-855B makes it safe to use in extreme conditions.

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