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DWZ Series digital wireless electret condenser gooseneck microphone

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High quality condenser transmitter ideal for use with a wide variety of instruments

The ECM-GZ1UBMP works with the ZTX-B01 body-pack transmitter and is supplied with the DWZ-B50I package. This microphone is ideal for use with trumpets, saxophones, and other wind instruments The wide dynamic range and wide frequency range allow for balanced, natural, and clear sound pickup. The capsule provides high input resistance and low noise, and the unidirectional directivity reduces howling and effectively separates unnecessary sources of sound. Also, the flexible gooseneck and two-way clip allow for easy optimal position adjustment.

DPA 4099 series instrument mounting clips (purchased separately from DPA) can also be used along with the Sony ECM-GZ1UBMP instrument microphone.

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Pro Audio Catalogue (EN)

Pro Audio Catalogue (EN)