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Handheld Transmitter & Portable ENG Receiver

The UWP range has updated user functions, all metal casings, backlit displays and much more - providing the user with a compact, rugged wireless microphone system for use with any camcorder or as a stand alone system.

The UWP-V2 system comprises of a portable/camera mountable receiver and a handheld transmitter. Also included in the pack are all the necessary accessories to provide a fully operational wireless microphone system.

Teaming "plug and play" simplicity with stable performance and extended battery life, there is a complete range of Sony wireless transmitters and receivers to meet the needs of ENG/EFP, presentation and live performance.

If you're looking for all the benefits of interference free wireless operation at an affordable cost, finding the perfect solution is now easier than ever before with the adaptable new UWP range. Just select one of the turn-key packages comprising microphone, transmitter and receiver - the user will enjoy superb performance right out of the box, with professional features usually found only on far more expensive wireless systems.

NOTE: This model is available in multiple models to support the widest possible range of operating frequencies. Please refer to product specifications for more information.

  • Proven Technology

    The UWP series is based on proven technology that offers high levels of performance at a greatly reduced price. Sony has long been established in the wireless microphone market and brings together a wealth of knowledge and technical expertises to provide the latest wireless microphone packages. The new UWP system provides diversity reception with tone squelch circuitry to ensure the best signal at all times.

  • Complete packages

    The UWP series comes in complete packages with everything you need to operate the wireless system. All accessories are included.

  • Low running costs

    The UWP units operate on AA batteries as opposed to the traditional 9 volt (PP3). This reduces running costs to the user. A surprising amount of money can be saved over a very short period of time. Running costs are not always considered when choosing a wireless microphone system.

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