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Mid-range SD / HD video switcher with 3 M/E

MVS Series SD / HD switcher with 48 inputs and 32 outputs

The MVS-6530 production switcher is ideally suited for medium-size productions. The switcher comes with sophisticated capabilities such as 3x mix effects (M/E), 4x keyers per M/E, each with the MVS high-performance chromakey, 8x keyers in P/P bank, 2x internal channels of DME, 2.5D resizers, colour correction, and more. With the standard multi-viewer output, you save space on additional monitoring, enabling a reduction in your total system cost.

Advanced control panel

The control panel incorporates an attractive black design with OLED mnemonic displays for optimal visibility. Its operation is as user-friendly and intuitive as you expect of the MVS family. The self-contained 4RU processor offers simple configuration, and is a logical choice for small production facilities that have limited installation space but refuse to compromise on quality.

  • Switcher Processors Option
    Multi-format Switcher Processor

    MKS-6550 - Format Converter Board
    MKS-6570 - DME Board

  • Switcher Control Panel
    ICP-6500 and 3000 Series

    ICP-6530 - 3 M/E Control Panel (24 XPT)
    ICP-6520 - 2 M/E Control Panel (24 XPT)
    ICP-3000 - 2 M/E Control Panel (24 XPT)
    ICP-3016 - 2M/E Control Panel (16 XPT)
    ICP-6511 - Menu Panel

  • Remote Panel

    MKS-8080 - AUX BUS Remote Panel
    MKS-8082 - AUX BUS Remote Panel

  • Plug-in Editor

    BZS-8050 - Editing Control Software
    MKS-8050 - Editing Keyboard
    MKS-2050 - Editing Keyboard

  • Device Control Unit

    MKS-8700 - Device Control Unit
    MKS-8701 - Tally/GPI Output Board
    MKS-8702 - Serial Interface Board
    MKS-2700 - Device Control Unit
    HK-PSU01 - Backup Power Supply Unit

  • System Management Software

    BZPS-8000 - System Management Software
    BZPS-8000L - System Management Software (Standalone type)
    BZPS-8001 - Switcher Setup Software
    BZPS-8002 - PFV-SP Setup Software

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