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Theatre Management System software for use with Digital Cinema Projectors

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The STM-100 Theatre Management System (TMS) enables central management of a cinema complex’s multiple digital projection systems. Users can create show playlists (SPLs) for each individual auditorium and schedule and manage them from a single central TMS workstation, simplifying management and improving efficiency. The system then handles content ingest and transfer to projectors across the complex, doing away with the need to load content manually on to multiple projectors.

Cinema complexes may have invested in a number of different digital cinema servers to fulfil the requirement to project digital 3D. TMS protects this investment. Along with Sony media blocks, Dolby and Doremi digital cinema servers may be incorporated into the TMS centralised system without any disruption to workflow.

TMS operates as part of the Sony CHIPS (central hub for integrated program storage) system. The TMS/CHIPS system comprises the TMS application server running the application software, connected to a library server offering 15Tb storage space for movies, trailer and advertisements. A TMS client PC allows for a single point of operation of the TMS.

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