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The ultimate big -screen display solution: create incredible visual experiences on any scale

Build incredible visual presentation and display experiences with the ZRD-1 Display Unit.

This solution brings the world’s biggest ideas to life with awe-inspiring visuals in any environment - ranging from industrial product design and manufacturing to theme parks and museums, corporate boardrooms and lobbies, broadcast studios, retail showrooms and lecture theatres.

Multiple ZRD-1 Display Units can be 'tiled' seamlessly to create super-size displays of virtually any dimensions or aspect ratio, with exceptional image uniformity and no bezels or visible gaps between each modular panel.

Sony's unique Crystal LED Display technology creates spectacular large-scale images with unprecedented clarity and realism. Separate red, green and blue surface-mounted Ultrafine LEDs allow a huge 99% of the display’s surface area to be completely black. Exceeding the limits of conventional LED panel technology, this enables an extraordinarily high contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1, with enormous colour range (140% of sRGB), plus virtually 180 degree viewing angle and impressive 1000 nit brightness for immersive viewing in light or dark environments.

Operation also requires the ZRCT-100 Display Controller (available separately) plus Display Control Software for Windows PC. Each ZRCT-100 can control up to 72 ZRD-1 display units.

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