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This wearable shield frame is intended for use with 3D/2D eye shield and accessories (eye shield is not included with this frame and is available separately).

The disposable eye shields are intended for use by surgeons and nursing staff in the Operation Room viewing images on the Sony Medical Monitor.

The eye shield fits into the CFV-B100 shield frame that is light and comfortable to wear for extended periods. Wearing the eye shield and frame, healthcare professionals are protected from blood splashes, body fluids typically encountered in the Operation Room during clinical procedures.

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Sony's 3D/2D Eye Shield Brochure

Compatible Products

  • LMD-X550MT


    55-inch 4K 3D/2D LCD medical monitor
  • LMD-X310MT


    31-inch 4K 3D/2D LCD medical monitor
  • LMD-2451MT


    24-inch Full HD 3D LCD medical monitor