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Bracket for NU-IP40S Medical IP Converter

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Attaches IP Converter to rear of LMD-X310 series medical monitors

This bracket is an optional accessory for mounting the NU-IP40S Medical IP Converter to the back of LMD-X310 series medical monitors.

The IP converter bracket attaches to the base of the NU-IP40S. A separate bracket is also included for attachment to the monitor. Spacers are provided for use when securing the unit to the monitor using the monitor stand (10cm VESA spacing).

The bracket can be mounted at either the left side or right side of the monitor's rear panel.

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Compatible Products

  • NU-IP40D


    Medical IP Converter (DVI/HDMI version)
  • NU-IP40S


    Medical IP Converter
  • LMD-X310MD


    31-inch 4K 2D LCD medical monitor