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HD Content Management System (Non-Medical)

Efficiently manage video and still image files

The CMDS-MS10MD is a Content Management System application that streamlines the efficient storage, management and archive of medical videos, still images and other associated document files.

With the availability of a growing range of medical cameras and video devices, a key issue is the effective management of content from all these sources. The CMDS-MS10MD offers ideal solution. It can manage video content created by medical recorders such as the Sony HVO-1000MD, HVO-3000MT and HVO-500MD (Surgical Version) as well as providing a video editing function. Streaming video content can also be captured directly from connected IP cameras and live encoders.

Integrating smoothly with modern hospital IT environments including EMR (Electronic Medical Record), CMDS-MS10MD scales readily to accommodate a large number of connected recorders and client terminals. The server application runs in a Windows environment, while the client application runs on popular web browsers.

Since the CMDS-MS10MD complies with HIPAA*, data is stored securely, with access granted only to authorized persons.

Please note that this product does not conform to the definition of a medical device.

* The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was enacted by the United States Congress 

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