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A4 Analog and Digital Printer for Black and White Thermal Paper and Blue Film

Fast, high quality black & white printing from both analogue and digital imaging inputs onto paper or blue transparent film, with USB storage

The UP-991AD is a compact black and white printer designed for use with both analogue and digital radiology imaging systems such as mobile C-arm, ultrasound, cardiac catheterisation laboratory and other compatible medical imaging systems.

Smaller than its predecessor (the UP-990AD), it provides high-quality hard copies of still images captured by the imaging system, that can then be used as reference prints for patient record purposes or referrals. (Please note that images printed from the UP-991AD are not to be used for diagnosis).

Offering even more flexible workflow than the UP-971AD, the UP-991AD can store images on a connected USB flash drive and also print on transparent blue film media as well as paper media.

Added convenience is provided by automatic detection of media type and an integrated media cutter, together with the same Multi-picture mode and panoramic print features of the UP-971AD.

  • Wireless Printing Capability

    By using the optional UPA-WU10* Wireless Print System, you can achieve cable-free connection between the Sony printer (UP-971AD, UP-991AD, UP-X898MD and UP-DR80MD), mobile C-arm and other hospital imaging modalities.

    * Product availability of the UPA-WU10 may vary according to the sales area. For more information, please contact your nearest Sony sales office or an authorized dealer.

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