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3MP Monochrome LCD Display for medical use

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The LMD-DM30 display gives clinicians a clear, bright, detailed view of images from today’s radiological and other modalities, including MRI, CT and CR/DR.*

The medical grade monitor displays very high resolution images, with high luminance, contrast, uniformity and stability.

With a large screen size of 20.8 inches / 52.8 cm (viewable area, measured diagonally), the LMD-DM30 has a high native panel resolution of 3MP (1536 x 2048 pixels).

It’s the first generation of medical displays by Sony to feature Independent Sub-pixel Drive Technology**. When activated, this triples effective horizontal resolution to 9MsP (1536 x 6144).

Easy to integrate, manage and maintain, the LMD-DM30 monitor is designed to offer high operational versatility in modern clinical workflows. Reliability is further assured by a 5 Year Warranty that includes free telephone helpdesk support and a collect/repair/return service.

*With Independent Sub-Pixel Drive technology
**Independent Sub-pixel Drive is proprietary technology of JVC KENWOOD Corporation.

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