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High resolution Diagnostic DICOM Film Imager

Succeeding the design platform of the UP-DF500 and UP-DF550, the UP-DF750 features a workflow-friendly, space-saving design and small footprint that enables vertical installation - a major operational advantage over large, centralised film imagers. Reproducing high-quality prints of 604dpi, with a maximum of 3.8+ using high-density film, the UP-DF750 is a particularly suitable for mammography imaging. It can deliver multiple film sizes - 8x10, 10x12, 11x14 and 14x17 inch are available for a variety of modalities - to provide both mammography imaging and cost-efficient copies that are ideal and patient referral. Ideal for applications that range from mammography to MRI/CT and DR/CR, the UP-DF750 equips practitioners with an exceptionally compact, versatile and high-quality diagnostic film imager.

  • Large 3.8-inch graphic LCD.

    Large 3.8-inch graphic LCD displays a range of helpful information with graphical images - for example, it can show an error message with the visual procedure for correcting that error.

  • Reliable printing mechanism.

    • Unique print-feed mechanism firmly holds each sheet of film between multiple belts during printing process.
    • This mechanism ensures that, even if the unit is installed vertically, the printing process remains stable and each sheet is fed with precision.

  • Menu direction change.

    When the unit is mounted vertically, the LCD menu can be rotated accordingly using a simple menu setting - enabling users to read information on the LCD easily, no matter which direction the printer is installed in.

  • Stable optical density of film.

    This chart shows the optical density measured through a sheet of Sony UPT-517BL Blue Thermal Film. It is virtually unchanged even after exposure to high-temperatures. This means that the original image maintains its integrity even in adverse environments.

  • Register value compensation for thermal head elements.

    To compensate and minimise differences of resister value among thermal elements, the UP-DF750 is equipped with built-in resister value compensation data for the thermal head.

  • Full-range calibration.

    Enabling users to control and stabilise the quality of prints, the unit features a full-range calibration capability that adjusts deviation between each piece of film.

  • Language support.

    The UP-DF750 supports English, Russian, Chinese and Spanish, one of which can be selected as the LCD display language.

  • DICOM connectivity.

    The UP-DF750 is equipped with a DICOM 3.0 interface, enabling it to be connected to a hospital imaging network in accordance with worldwide medical imaging communications standards.

  • Quick warm-up time.

    From the moment it is turned on, the UP-DF750 takes only two minutes before it is ready to start printing - making it highly effective in emergency use.

  • Easy network parameter settings.

    All network settings - such as IP address and AE title - can be set easily via the front panel, without having to use any other tool (such as a Windows® PC or web browser).

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