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Manage your VC conferencing needs across a large number of distributed sites. Enjoy smooth, seamless multi-point conferences with high-quality voice, HD or SD video with simultaneous PC data sharing.

PCS-VCS Server Software helps organisations communicate more effectively, linking dedicated videoconferencing systems at as many as 500 remote sites (depending on license).

It’s ideal for use with the Sony PCS-XG80, PCS-XG55, PCS-XL55, PCS-XA80 and PCS-XA55 videoconferencing systems. Remote workers can join virtual meetings from anywhere there’s a broadband IP connection available, requiring only PCS-EP endpoint software on their PC.

Easy expansion requires just a simple license purchase to cover up to 500 sites.

For more details, please contact your nearest Sony office or an authorised dealer.

Software requires installation on a server (not included).

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