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Software licence for X-Disc Archive workstation supporting additional transcode actor

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Powerful turnkey Archive Management System to manage multi-format content from ingest to archive

The XDA-TR1 is a software licence key for X-Disc Archive that supports additional transcode actor to accelerate proxy creation, which allows user to deal with lots of import task in parallel.
The X-Disc Archive is capable of ingesting and exchanging AV content with news/edit production systems, workstations, connected devices and users in the field. In order to manage a growing database, the X-Disc Archive offers quick file-based search capabilities, customisable metadata fields, and streaming proxies. This system also provides both online and offline shelf management of content using widely adapted XDCAM Professional Disc™ and Optical Disc Archive media, which is highly durable and ideal for long-term content preservation. With its practical yet versatile turnkey approach, the X-Disc Archive is ideal for small- to medium-size AV businesses needing to organise, manage, protect, and share content from a central office or field environment.

  • Expand transcode engine

    One XDA-TR1 licence is applicable for 1 physical actor.

  • Quick file-based search capabilities

    Organises and displays online storage as virtual XDCAM discs for easy archive management.

  • Customisable metadata fields

    Allows users to tailor the field name and data type for enhanced keyword searching and metadata entry.

  • Utilising streaming proxies

    Lightweight streaming H.264 proxies allow users to quickly preview thousands of hours of online and offline content.

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