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Meeting Room App

Meeting Room app for 4K Professional Displays

Make meetings more productive with 4K Professional Displays.

Use your 4K Professional Display to make every meeting smoother and more efficient with this complete information-sharing solution for the workplace and corporate environments.

Add a more professional accent to boardrooms and meeting areas: you can display a corporate logo, welcome message or web page, together with the name of the room, booking schedules and other information.

The Meeting Room solution comes in three editions. Basic Edition offers auto wake-up, auto input change and a useful presentation timer to remind speakers how long they've got remaining to make their point.

Basic Plus Edition adds remote set-up via a networked PC, and a power-saving scheduling feature that switches off the display at times when it's not being used.

There's also an Advanced Edition that adds compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server and Cybozu Office, plus a whiteboard function for sharing notes and sketches with other meeting participants.

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