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6,000 lumens XGA 3LCD Installation projector

3LCD XGA installation projector with high brightness and low maintenance

The VPL-FX37 offers amazing installation flexibility and hassle-free maintenance, along with a stylish yet inconspicuous design that blend into any decor. The projector is equipped with a standard 1.6x zoom lens, making image adjustment easy. The maintenance cycles of the lamp and cleaning filters are synchronised and exceptionally long, which cuts maintenance time and cost. In addition, VPL-FX37 is designed to deliver a low total cost of ownership, and include environmentally-friendly features, thanks to its long-lasting lamp and low power consumption. Packing the most advanced projector technologies into a low-profile design, the VPL-FX37 is an excellent choice, delivering a dramatic brightness and high-quality images with XGA resolution.

  • High picture quality

    6000 lumens 3LCD projector with 2000:1 contrast ratio, XGA resolution and 1.6x optical zoom lens.

  • Energy efficient design

    Up to 3500h expected lamp replacement time, ECO Mode for savings on energy and low power consumption.

  • Installation advantages

    Synchronised lamp and filter maintenance timing.

  • Closed captioning

    Official teletext broadcasting, developed by the NCI, USA.

  • Network and control

    Controls and monitors projector status Compatible with various control systems.

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