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Pressurised outdoor dome housing

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Clear bubble pressurised dome housing

The Sony UNIOPL7C2 7-inch Pressurised Outdoor Dome Housing (Clear Bubble) offers excellent protection to the SNC series cameras from rain, snow, wind, dust, pollution, and insects. For maximum protection from the elements, this outdoor housing uses internal pressure produced by dry nitrogen to seal off even the smallest openings. The Schrader valve of the housing maintains the pressure in the housing, while the pressure relief valve helps release excess pressure. In addition, an integrated heater and blower system shields the camera in low temperatures and prevents the lower bubble from fogging up in high humidity. Made of durable engineered plastic, the top body of the housing is flame-retardant and UV protected, making it an excellent choice for installation in outdoor and high-risk locations. Designed for discreet surveillance, the housing is equipped with a clear lower dome that helps in maximum light transmission.

  • Pressurised dome

    The pressurised dome creates a constant pressure within the inner housing. Pressurised to 7 psi to maintain pressure for 2-3 years. Schrader valve to fill the housing with dry nitrogen. A relief valve prevents over-pressurisation of the enclosure. A 10-pin hermetically sealed connector is located at the top of the housing for power, video, and control functions.

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