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Smart OR Workflow and Innovations

Optimising the efficiency of clinical workflow in the integrated OR and beyond - from diagnosis to surgery and post-operative care.

End-to-end solutions for today's integrated OR

Today's hospitals are large, complex, scosystems linked by multiple, disconnected AV and IT systems and processes. This complexity impacts on efficiency, forcing healthcare providers to spend valuable time on non-care related tasks.

Our end-to-end IP-based workflow solutions streamline the sharing of hgih-resolution video and other patient data between the OR, other areas of the hospital campus and beyond.

Diagnostic Workflow

Deailed, long-lasting hard copies of still images can be created for patient record purposes in colour or black & white with our extensive range of A4 and A6 medical printers. The HVO-550MD medical video recorder stores HD video from ultrasound, digital X-ray and other sources on its internal hard drive, while data is stored simultaneously to an external USB drive or network server.

Surgical Workflow

With our wide knowledge and experience of imaging technology and the expertise of our medical video-over-IP specialists, eSATURNUS, we can bring together the processing, control and distribution of multiple image and information sources to modern surgical workflows. Images captured in the OR from endoscopes, surgical microscopes and room cameras can be routed, recorded, and viewed anywhere over the hospital-wide network, creating state-of-the-art workflow solutions.

Post-operative Workflow

Our 4K and HD medical monitors offer a finely-detailed view of video and still images captured during diagnosis or surgery. Consultants can refer to videos and patient information within the CMS in their web browser, while our range of medical printers provide high quality hard copies along with easy integration, exceptional reliability and low ownership costs.

Enhancing workflow at Alder Hey

Alder Hey in the Park has partnered with Sony to build a powerful and easy to use hospital-wide IP video network.

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