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News24 Transforms Bangladesh’s News Coverage

Staying ahead in today’s fast-paced media environment means getting your stories to air faster. With social media increasingly driving breaking news stories, news production requires streamlined workflows and an efficient use of resources.

Building a brand new TV station from scratch is both challenging and rewarding, as discovered recently by East West Media Group in Bangladesh.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s ‘Reel-world’ Exposure to Filmmaking

Technology has dramatically changed the way filmmakers express their creativity. Today, every segment of the filmmaking process from filming to post-production, distribution to archiving is defined by the rapid leaps made in the name of technology. Keeping abreast is a challenge not only for professionals, but also students of filmmaking.

Realizing 4K HDR in Asia with Infinity Multimedia

2017 marks the 20th anniversary for Taiwanese renowned band - Mayday - with Infinity Multimedia Production being engaged to record and produce the band’s Kaohsiung concert. Together with Sony Professional Solutions Taiwan, Infinity has created another milestone for the concert scene in Taiwan - the first in Taiwan to produce a concert in 4K HDR with a total of 20 units of Sony 4K/HDR cameras deployed.

Mediacorp Stays Ahead of the Curve

Media operations today aren’t made up of simple, standalone islands. They are driven by interconnected, collaborative technologies that mesh together every aspect of day-to-day activities along the entire production chain.

With so much integration in the mix, media operators around the world have to tackle the same questions: When should they replace older systems with entirely new solutions? When should they try to extend equipment’s life by bolting on newer technologies?

Hanoi TV Goes HD

2017 marks an important milestone for Hanoi Television, one that the station has prepared diligently for since 2015. The official television network of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi TV will make its grand foray into the exciting world of High Definition.

Spicing Up Indian TV with 4K and HDR

India is all set for a new wave of television viewing. Thanks to India’s vibrant economy and a huge middle class with disposable income, a new generation of discerning TV viewers has emerged in India.

Video Channel’s Next Game Changer: 4K

What does Jacky Cheung, the Rolling Stones and Manny Pacquiao share in common? Well apart from being superstars, their mega events have all been covered by Video Channel Productions. It’s no wonder that Video Channel’s client list looks like a who’s who in the entertainment, events and sports industry.

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