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August 1, 2016
Sony’s New Projectors Finds Perfect Balance Between  Ease of Use, Image Quality, & Energy Efficiency

Sony’s New Projectors Finds Perfect Balance Between Ease of Use, Image Quality, & Energy Efficiency

ASIA PACIFIC, 1 August 2016 - Sony is extending its line-up of 3LCD data projectors with the new VPL-D200 series. The VPL-D200 series is an upgrade from the previous VPL-D100 series of normal throw projectors and it consists of the VPL-DX220 (2,700 lm), VPL-DX240 (3,200 lm), and VPL-DX270 (3,500 lm) in XGA resolution (1024 x 768); as well as the VPL-DW240 (3,000 lm) in WXGA resolution (1280 x 800). The VPL-D200 series offers a range of projectors with high performance and superior ease of use, ideal for offices, meeting rooms and classrooms.

Featuring a new Vivid Mode, the VPL-D200 series emphasises colours and brightness to produce uplifting and eye-catching looking images. High colour reproducibility is important especially when projecting colourful content such as materials typically used in meeting rooms or classrooms. In total, each projector will have seven available picture modes and three brightness modes for users to create the optimal image. This is done so by selecting the most suitable picture or brightness combinations according to the picture source and environment.

The VPL-D200 series also offers a compact and stylish design with superior ease of use. With two HDMI ports and one USB power supply port1, you can now concurrently connect PCs and any dongle2 you own – Miracast-compatible dongle lets you mirror the screen of your PCs or tablets directly. It also turns on automatically when a VGA or HDMI signal is detected from the PC. Additionally, there are four convenient pre-installed templates to help you write parallel characters and draw clean lines on a whiteboard. In addition, presenting data with sound has never been easier with a convenient audio out terminal for easy speaker system connection. The VPL-D200 series features a useful presentation timer function where users can easily manage their presentation time. This function is helpful when there is a strictly determined presentation time. By managing the meeting time, the projector can also enhance all participants’ awareness of the passage of time.

Image quality is not compromised as well. Using 3LCD technology, the optical system in the VPL-D200 series constantly projects the three basic colours (red, green and blue), offering excellent light efficiency and this, ensures colourful and bright images. Sony’s BrightEra™ panels further deliver improved panel light resistance, higher resolution, high brightness, and increased panel reliability, so that images appear bright, natural and gentle on the eye.

“The new design of the VPL-D200 series finds perfect balance between being user friendly and energy saving without compromising high image quality at a reasonable price,” said Riki Nishimura, General Manager, Business & Industrial Solutions Marketing Division, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP), Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “This new line-up is strategically positioned to suit a wide range of business and education needs.”

TCO certified, the new VPL-D200 series is extremely energy efficient. It is equipped with Long-lasting Lamp Replacement Time of 10,000 hours1 that lasts an incredible 43 per cent longer than conventional projectors. This is achieved by having the lamp driver controlling the optimal wattage of the lamp to achieve high lamp efficiency. The new projectors also offer auto power saving functions such as Auto Mode which automatically adjusts lamp brightness depending on picture content, and Lamp Dimming Function where projector lamp brightness is gradually reduced automatically after a pre-set time or if no input signal is detected. These features avoid unnecessary power consumption and makes the VPL-D200 series very energy effective.

The following is the planned availability for the new projectors in Asia Pacific:

• VPL-DX220, 2,700 lm XGA resolution (1024 x 768) – June 2016
• VPL-DX240, 3,200 lm XGA resolution (1024 x 768) – August 2016
• VPL-DX270, 3,500 lm XGA resolution (1024 x 768) – August 2016
• VPL-DW240, 3,000 lm WXGA widescreen resolution (1280 x 800) – August 2016

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1Except for the VPL-DX220.
2Available from third-party suppliers.