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Archiving & Storage

To meet the ever-growing demands for managing, storing and repurposing digital content, Sony's robust, long-term solutions maximise flexibility, scalability, reliability, and performance. From freelancer to national broadcaster, we have what you need to overcome the challenges of both today and tomorrow. Our Optical Disc Archive and mass storage and archive solutions equip the professional broadcast and pro A/V industries with total peace of mind.

Discover Optical Disc Archive

Easily scalable to grow with your business and future proof, ODA can help you achieve safe long-term storage for all your digital assets while keeping archiving costs low.


Isn't it time your content had a permanent home?

New Optical Disc Archive system ensures lifetime storage with intergenerational compatibility.


PMW-F55 4K compact camera from Sony

Superb dynamic range and pristine image quality, whether you shoot in HD, 2K or 4K.



Optical Disc Archive standalone drive unit with transfer speeds up to 1,150 Mbps.


Responding to your needs for long-term ultra-reliable storage

Are you looking for long-term, reliable storage for large volumes of media assets?


The Vatican video archive goes digital with Sony’s innovative Optical Disc Archive

Video footage of special moments in the lives of the Popes are...


Sony’s groundbreaking Optical Disc Archive System

Adopted by Global Asset Management & Distribution company Inception Digital